The Presentation


Nestled in the town of Ponoka, Alberta, Marro Farms is a family owned horse breeding/training facility. Robert & Marsha Turney primarily raise the exotic horse of Spain, the Andalusian . This farm boasts the largest breeder in Alberta is the home of champions imported and home raised. Specializing in training the Classical Dressage Dancing Horses other breeds also live on the immense rolling hills of Marro Farm . This is the first show to be produced by the Robert & Marsha in conjunction with Dianne Olds Rossi's Magical World of Dancing Horses and both hope to continue presenting the enchantment of the dancing horses

The Horses


Marro Farms

Dancing Horses


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Perhaps a few you remember a few years back when The Magical World of Dancing Horses appeared in Didsbury. We were sold out . You don't want to miss this outstanding show presented with costumes, music and beautifully trained horses. Reserved seating is available for those who wish to see the horses up close and personal. Groups of 10 and over will receive special rates,

Experience the Power of Freedom as a magnificence stallion runs across the arena as free as he was born.

The stunning white Andalusian stallion dances on the long reins while the handler walks along side.

Special guests from the local area include  the Gull Lake Farm Carriage Horses and the AFHA Friesian Musical Drill Group 

Man riding one of our dancing horses in Ponoka, AB

The dancing horses appearing

are from Marro Farms in Ponoka and The Magical World of Dancing Horses located at Beaver Run Equestrian Theatre in Pennsylvania United States.

The mixture of breeds is one of the

appeals of the show demostrating the talent of all. Among the breeds presented will be Friesians, Andalusians, Friesian/Gypsy cross, American Saddlebred and Morgans.... all with the magic of the dance.

See the rare Red Friesian Fire Magic....

the majestic golden stallion Metallica... the magnificent horses of Spain... all dancing to their specially designed music and choreographed  dance.